A Selection of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Web Design

What types of websites do you design?

We design all sorts of website form simple one page one right up to multiple page e-commerce sites. We can design any type of website to your specification, just let us know your requirements.


What is Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design means the finished website will display correctly regardless of the the device and it’s screen size. With mobile phone web access on the increase this is an important factor in website design as visitors will want to access your website on their mobile devices.

Web Hosting

If you design my website, do I have to host it with you?

No, however every web design commision comes with hosting free for 12 months!

Where physically will my server be hosted?

Our servers are located in the United Kingdom.

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is the activity of attempting to make your website appear higher in the rankings of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The activity undertakes to explain to the search engine what your site is about with a view to match seach terms or keywords used by online visitors in order to show your website amongst the relevent search results. Ultimately the key is to provide quality content o your website.

Once my website is at the top of the search engine rankings will it automatically stay there?

Unfortunately no, unless you continue to optimize your website and provide new fresh quality content. In addition the search engines are continously tweaking the way they look for quality content.

Social Media

What social networks should I use?

That really depends on the nature of your business and customer base however Facebook fits most types of business.

I have not got the time to post daily to social media, is that a bad thing?

Unfortunately regardless of the social media platform you need to be posting daily and on some platforms anywhere up to 12 times a day! We recognise that most business owners do not have the time to set aside to keep up with social media or the costs that employing a dedicated social media person that is why we launched our social media engagement packages.

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