Ensuring your Website will Look Good on any Device.

responsive web designWe build beautiful websites that look good on the big screen or mobile devices thanks to their responsive web design.


ecommoerce web designFrom a single page option right up to a multiple page ecommerce website design we cater for all types and sizes.


highest userexperienceOur designs are fully functional and highly intuative and guarentee the highest user experience.

responsive web design

7 Phase Design

Our 7 phase design process ensures the website we build fulfils your requirements and meets the needs of your customers.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design means our web sites will adapt to any screen size looking good on any device.

Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce website design that is powerful and secure for your online business.

Search Engine Optomization

SEO website design is extremely important if you want to be seen at the top of the search engine results. We can make your website seen even in the most competative markets.

Our 7 Phase Design process explained

web audience

Phase 1 Purpose, Goals and Audience

Website Purpose – Establish the overall requirement of the website.

Website Goals – What goals does the website need to accomplish in order to be successful?

Target Audience – What demographic does your website need to appeal to and be understood by.

website planning

Phase 2 Planning

Sitemap – What pages are required to fulfil the websites purpose, goals and remain suitable to the target audience?

Website Structure – How the pages are laid out and interconnected.

Technologies Used – What platforms and third-party software are required to build the websites.

web design

Phase 3 Design

Wireframe Models – These assist us to demonstrate the look and feel of the website as it is developed.

Visual Style – Captures your companies branding and style in terms of logo, colour, fonts etc.

Usability – Implement the most appropriate User Interface which will deliver the best user Experience.

website content

Phase 4 Content

Copyright and legislation – Confirm all content does not infringe any copyright. Ensure all data conforms to GDPR legislation.

Photos & Videos – Upload any company images and videos or link to third party hosting.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Ensure all pages are search engine friendly.

html markup

Phase 5 Development

HTML and CSS Coding – The actual web code is written.

Databases – Databases are created in order to hold large quantities of data, this maybe products, customer details, customer orders etc.

Responsive Design – This process ensures that the website will display and function consistently on all devices regardless of display size.

website testing

Phase 6 Testing

Technical Testing – Comprises of navigation , no dead links, all functionality behaves as expected.

Browser Compatibility – Checks are made to ensure the website is displayed consistently across all the main browsers.

Responsive web design – Website displays correctly on all device displays.

Does it fulfil its purpose and goals? – Measurable tests are recorded in order to conclusively show that the website is successful in fulfilling both its purpose and goals.

website maintenance

Phase 7 Deployment

Monitoring – The live website is monitored to ensure the website is available and function as it did in test.

Bug Fixes – Any aspect of the website resulting in undesired functionality will be corrected.

Maintenance – If maintenance is a requested service then the website will be maintained by way of backups, software updated as and when required etc.


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